Types of Commercial Contractor Services

If you’re building or remodeling a commercial or industrial property, there’s an excellent chance you’ll need a commercial general contractor. Are you aware that commercial contractors have specific areas of expertise? JH Greene & Son, Inc. can assist with a wide range of projects thanks to our extensive commercial contractor services. Here are the Types of Commercial Services we offer, inside and out!

Bomba, Taco & Bar & Sly Fox, Taphouse – Interior Fit-Outs 6,000 sq ft.JH Greene & Son, Inc. provided turn-key tenant fit-out for two restaurants in a constructed lifestyle center, Malvern, PA. These opportunities were completed simultaneously ahead of schedule and on-budget!

New Construction or Ground-Up Construction

If you’re considering turning a vacant plot into the ideal spot for your upcoming project, a seasoned general contractor can be an excellent partner. After you’ve finalized the site, the next step is to engage a commercial contractor to carry out a site analysis and feasibility study. This is how you can reduce possible issues with the property.

If you aren’t working with an architect, consider a commercial contractor who provides design build services. They can take the project from idea to finished project. Collaborating with a design build contractor provides enhanced efficiency, conserving time, funds, and reducing anxiety.
Renovations and Remodels
Having a trusted general contractor is essential when remodeling or renovating. These activities are a great way to bring a fresh appeal or new efficiency to a desired space. However, they can also unearth surprises and challenges. Often remodels will trigger ADA compliance issues or other building issues. Having an experienced commercial general contractor improves the likelihood of success.

Project Management

Commercial building construction can be complicated. Working with seasoned contractors makes a difference. Effective communication ensures that questions and concerns are addressed promptly and that there is minimal business disruption. Thoughtful planning and off-hours renovations minimize business downtime. Project managers are responsible for handling crucial details such as timelines, invoices, and financial plans. They’ll deal with workers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Plus, they’ll arrange permits and inspections and check that all applicable safety rules are followed to ensure compliance issues won’t delay your project.

Turn-key Projects

At times, you wish to bypass all the trouble and relish the final outcomes. Experienced general contractors can deliver that. Whether you’re in need of industrial building construction or conventional wood frame construction, the contractor is capable of collecting the necessary data, executing the project, and handing over the key.

Tenant Buildouts

When a new commercial space is leased to a new tenant, buildouts change leased commercial spaces from barren, empty rooms to functional places full of personality and purpose. Tenants can customize the spaces to their specific needs. The property owner or tenant can hire a contractor, designer, and architect, working with them to realize their vision for the office or space. This buildout option puts the tenant in the driver’s seat. The services of a building contractor are crucial for these building modifications. It is prudent to hire a tenant improvement contractor with demonstrated expertise in these changes.

Project Takeovers

It can be a dreadful situation if you’re dealing with a General Contractor (GC) and things aren’t going well. You’re halfway through a project, and your relationship with your contractor is completely falling apart. They might vanish completely. They might quit. Or you might conclude that their dismissal is necessary. Now, you’re left with a semi-completed project with no one in charge. General contractors can take over a project that’s already in progress. Their intervention can rescue a struggling project by reinstating structure and assurance.

Site Improvements

Services provided by general contractors don’t only construct buildings; they can also modify the terrain on which they stand. Site enhancements refer to alterations made to the land that favor or facilitate the building that is or will be situated there. Typical instances encompass works for utilities, landscaping, hardscaping, and drainage.