Turn-Key Franchising Construction


Construction Expertise to Guide Critical Decisions with Your Bottom Line in Mind

As an owner’s representative, we work as an extension of your team, handling all elements of implementation:
• Design & Planning
• Permitting & Expediting
• Fixture Manufacturing & Sourcing
• Competitive Bid & Procurement Process
• Nationwide Construction Management Services

Our team has built relationships with several franchise groups so that we are able to serve their multiple location needs with an “all steps covered” process, time after time. With the demands of preparing several new locations, our participation is proven to save clients hard dollars. The resources we are able to free-up allows franchise clients to focus on hiring, marketing, training, and other activities critical to new franchise operations.

So, how is this different from any other contracting solution?

• Single-Point Contact and Accountability for Design, Permitting, Construction and Closeout
• Lower Construction Costs
• On-Time Delivery
• Brand Compliance
• Streamlined Solution for New Owner’s Lacking Fluency in Construction

With a long history of service in franchising, few CMs understand the partnership between franchisors and franchisees more comprehensively than JH Greene. With an investment so closely reliant on operational plans, there is no time for guesswork. The JH Greene team recognizes that projects need to be developed and delivered on time and budget, and any compromise of this in a new franchise location produces high risk.

An experienced construction partner is the solution to avoiding roadblocks within critical pre-opening activity. JH Greene’s turn-key franchise fit out model has grown to uniquely serve as an all in one extension of your construction department, accelerating timeline and maximizing value.

We can handle the entire scope of your franchise roll-out, from pre-construction to grand opening, or merely a segment of it. This allows your group to focus on other details, while you leave the construction project management to us—a trusted, proven expert.

We have served franchise clients in a variety of industries. Get in touch now to discuss how we can streamline your design and construction process.